Our Story

Long before mobile ordering and before

having the world stored at the

convenience of your pocket, it was the

old-fashioned telephone call to the local

pizza chain that captivated the world…


In 2012

The year that Facebook debuts on the stock market. Google gets in tablets. The release of Windows 8. The tech industry when booming in Toronto. 


With immigration and overseas studying hitting its peak, Toronto is a city known for embracing multiculturalism. The founding team noticed more and more Asian restaurants opening around the city, however food delivery wasn’t accessible to everyone. Being immigrants ourselves, we wanted to create a platform that encourages discovery and promotes lifestyle convenience.

Winter of 2013

CMEOW first launched and operated in beta

as a web platform (under the name Chanmao)

and then later rolled out our mobile app.


We began with 3 delivery drivers,

14 restaurant partners, and served

the entire 187.7km2 of Scarborough.


On November 6th at 5:20 pm,

our first order came through.

Summer of 2018

We don’t just stop there.


Taking over one neighbourhood at a time, CMEOW quickly became best known for onboarding Asian restaurants that are on nowhere else. 

We introduced a variety of different new segments for a limited time in our app and our users had the opportunity to explore. CMEOW received recognition through support from the Government of Canada to continuously find innovative solutions as we further emerge into this exciting phase of growth.


CMEOW is the leading on-demand Asian food company that is headquartered in Richmond Hill, Ontario. We are a one-stop destination for your everyday eats that features a loyalty rewards model. Our AI Super Brain is a true game changer that is transforming the food tech industry like never seen before. Our mission is to change the way people eat and the way restaurants serve customers.

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Canadian Cities

CMEOW is redefining convenience.

Convenience means having the time to

enjoy life’s moments to the fullest,

from morning coffee to your late night eats,

CMEOW wants to be a part of that.


Convenience means enjoying our world.

CMEOW (Chanmao Inc.) © 2013-2019. All rights reserved.

CMEOW (Chanmao Inc.) 

© 2013-2019. All rights reserved.